River Reports

Large painted turtle on a log

June 15, 2022

Went all the way down the old river path. Moved and cut some logs, but nothing that prevented passage. A beaver jumped into the water as I passed by.

Two painted turtles basking in the sun

June 5, 2022

Water is within the banks now, but still high. Entire run is navigable, but may require further clearing as the water goes down.

Beaver grooming itself on the banks

June 1, 2022

Water still high. Things are much greener now. Looks like a beaver's in the area this year!

Cleared some potential trouble spots and debris.

Still overflowing the banks

May 15, 2022

Water is still high but dropped about a foot since last week. Navigable, but still working on clearing debris. Caught a brief glimpse of a mink.

Spotted Sandpiper

May 7, 2022

Water is very high but is not fast-flowing. Cleared some debris from the flood and the entire run is navigable. Not very green yet aside from the painted turtles.